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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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are gone. benefits such as health care disappear august 31. at 57, he is not looking forward to starting over. >> i have over 37 years service down there and there would never have thought that i would be out looking for a job at my age. >> the steelworkers' union is trying to handle questions and frustration. there with the rumors that the leadership's about the numbers. >> the union president is trying to get that message to the thousand or so people who want to know what is next. >> i do not have a job and i have to start over. >> on the back of the t-shirts are the words, r.g. steele. >> faced a lot. -- they still lot.
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every contractor. everyone will suffer. >> rather than letting them of the way they negotiated to keep benefits available until the end of the month and they're telling workers to get the health, dental, and i care they need now and three months of prescriptions. the union plans to work on a contract with the company that purchased the plant. the union wants to help find a new company to take over. >> my ultimate goal is to find a strategic steelmaker to buy the plant instead back over with the same kinds of contracts that we had in the past. >> they think that could take up to about six months. we'll have reaction to that plan coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m.: barry simms, w abal tv. >> a massive gas leak in golden ring. we are above the scene with
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capt. roy taylor. >> we're looking at westbound rte. 40. they have two lines -- lanes open. county workers were in the process of trying to work on a storm drain when they struck a two-inch gas main would set off a lot of issues at this location. firefighters responded. they had to shut down route 40. everything is almost back to normal. the only have one lane shutdown and it looks like they have about finished up the work so it should be not too much of an issue for tomorrow's rush hour. >> baltimore city police are trying to figure out how 70- year-old woman ended up pinned under karr in northeast baltimore. she died from injuries.
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this was the scene. firefighters were racing to rescue the victim who was found unconscious with her legs trapped in the front of the vehicle. they transported her to a hospital but she died a short- ter time later. baltimore county detectives are on the scene at a murder. a young man was found stabbed to death in the basement of a home. david collins has been following this story. police are tracing blood for four blocks? >> whoever is responsible left police with an unmistakable trail to follow. around 6:20 a.m., baltimore county police responded to a call of an injured subject in dundalk. >> when they arrived, they found a young male in the basement. he was already deceased of what appeared to be stab wounds.
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the medical examiner will have to confirm. >> pe not determined what happened or why. language is an issue. detectives fluent in spanish are assisting. the blood trail begins a few feet from the murder scene. police declined to discuss whether it belongs to the person or persons responsible. police ran out of evidence markers and used orange cones. the blood trail ends in this house. according to neighbors, police with their weapons drawn converged on the home, calling out "policia!" a gentlemen looked out the door and they pulled him out. >> neighbors are hearing about what happened. this murder is the most serious.
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>> usually is not up this way. i do not know. it is crazy. >> i have lived here since last year, very peaceful, kids run around. nice area, you know? somebody getting killed especially with a knife is not something that would happen to me personally. it is very personal. >> police have not release the identity of the victim and they are trying to determine the relationship between the deceased and the people live in the home. reporting live from dundalk, david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> family and friends are gathering to remember a brooklyn park woman discovered dead in a wooded area in pasadena. the body was discovered earlier this month in anne arundel county. she went missing from her home in may. police said they have yet to determine the cause of death but they believe the woman was murdered.
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the vigil got under way minutes ago. police have yet to re-release the identity of a young man dead -- found dead in the inner harbor. the ivers pulled the body from the water overnight sunday. investigators can only confirm the victim is an 18-year-old man. police did not suspect foul play. a group of students from the university of maryland college park have taken to the internet to get the rest are removed from the student union building on campus. lil meltzer -- full meltzer have lowell meltzer has more. >> not everyone wants to give the restaurant a but. the controversy began toward the end of july and build momentum
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in august after comments from the company's cdo against gay marriage. it resulted in michael hogsmeade -- declaring a chick-fil-a appreciation day. >> the head of the company is allowed to have its own opinions. that should not resonate to the company itself. >> a group of students started this on-line petition through calling for the rest a term of the press room. most supported the idea of the position -- >> i am still a customer. i can understand the petition. especially at a place on the campus. people are very active. >> they also said it would keep eating. >> what are not the ceo or the company believes something does not change the fact the food
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taste good. i believe i never 1's right to petition and boycott. that is great. if the -- the ceo supports traditional family values and that is great. i commend him for it. >> officials would not comment on the petition or the future but judging by the crowd, things seem to be status quo. quex like to eat the food because i do not subscribe to their politics does not mean i will skip their food. >> if you would like to take a closer look at the petition, we provided a link on our website. at the university of maryland in college park, wbal tv 11 is. >> the race for the white house took a turn for the economy -- from the economy to women's rights after a candid world -- questioned whether all reps were
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legitimate. president obama jumped in and read -- mitt romney got drawn in. >> mitt romney dinallo is trailing in the national polls in the race for the white house because he is behind with women voters. republicans know this cannot help. the issue of abortion rights for the victims of rape exploded today. possible damage to the presidential campaign. with women voters. they already disproportionately backed president obama. >> the views expressed were offensive. rape is rape. >> it was republican congressman tom bacon who set off a firestorm. congressman todd akin. >> from what i am understand
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from doctors, it is rare. if it is a legitimate right, the female body has ways to try to show that whole thing down. >> democrat clair mccaskill said, this is astounding. >> rate is never legitimate. it is an evil act. >> mitt romney called the statement inexcusable. he and ryan favor abortion rights for rape victims but the uproar is a problem. >> one with women voters and secondly with the agenda. putting it back on social issues where republicans to not want to be this year. they want to be on the economy. >> president obama claims obamacare help stopped officials making decisions about women's health. >> those are broad issues and that is the difference in approach between me and the
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other party. >> todd akin said he will not quit the senate race. karl roveication, p dropped out of the missouri race. >> making an unscheduled stop as applause into a home. more in this amazing video when we return. >> a basketball star is under arrest. he turned violent on the mother of this child. >> showers and a few thunderstorms on hd doppler thunderstorms on hd doppler approaching from
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who suffer from a sore mouth, consider new act sensitive. the soothing alcohol-free formula has maximum fluoride to rebuild enamel. new act sensitive. >> here is a look at what is happening. one of the top basketball recruits has been arrested on charges of assaulting the mother of his child. he was arrested friday accused of second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. he was transferring this spring. the guard has committed verbally to play at seton hall university. the 19-year-old man who plunged
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60 feet from a catwalk in bat fm his injuries. he was at the bottling plant when investigators say it appears part of the structure he was walking on gave way. the plant closed in the 1980's. officials still try to figure out why he and a friend were walking on the catwalk in the first place. authorities in montgomery county are looking into what caused the transit bus to crash. 10 to 15 people were on board and the accident did involve another vehicle. a number of this passengers suffered minor injuries but no one in the home was injured. a structural inspector has been called in to evaluate the home. no word on whether any charges will be filed. >> many parents struggle with the decision to have their boys circumcised.
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authorities say the benefits outweigh any risks. the costs were associated with cases of transmitted diseases. nearly 80% of newborn boys in the u.s. were circumcised. the number stands at about half. clinical trials have shown that men who are not circumcised often spread any std's to their spartners. >> what i -- when i floss and brush, there is a little bit more bleeding with my gums. i visited with my dentist a month ago for cleaning and a normal check out. she'd noticed the same thing. >> emily was experiencing
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something quite common with expectant mothers, bleeding gums. practicing good oral health is important that even more so for pregnant women. >> if you have or having any problems, take care of it prior to pregnancy. if you are pregnant, make sure you see your dentist on a regular basis to have them take care of the problem. >> hormonal changes during pregnancy can increase a woman's susceptibility to oral infections and reduce the body's ability to repair soft tissues in the mouth. mercy medical center dr. robert at a says some dentists shy away from treating pregnant women even if there is no reason why they should not and no reason why pregnant women should not visit the dentist. >> dennis can pull teeth and fill cavities. women can be treated. the only thing we did not ask the dentist to do is use epinephrine when they are using lidocaine. >> checkups are just as
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important as the doctor visits. >> it is one of the factors you think about when you're pregnant. >> there are a number of programs for women and children to get dental treatment like the medicaid dental program called healthy smiles. for more information, go to our website, >> all line of showers and thunderstorms approaching from the west. it is a slow-moving line of rain coming into parts of frederick county and westminster. moving to the east at 15 to 20 miles an hour. there are some rumbles of thunder seceded with it. nothing severe. just a line of summer showers in from the west and bringing some beneficial rain to parts of maryland. it is a fairly narrow line and it will move to baltimore in the next couple of hours.
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we will see partly cloudy skies for a good part of the night. if you take a wider picture of the satellite, there is a good deal of cloudiness associated with this line and the general weather pattern across the area. low pressure is generating the clouds. helping to keep the temperature is below normal for august. it is 81 in downtown baltimore. most locations have been holding in the mid- to the upper 70's. 60 qazi in frost berk and hancock in hagerstown. the wrinkles things down and that is what we will see happening as that upper level weather disturbance moves through. behind this is the cool upper level low pressure system keeping temperatures below normal and the sky is cloudy and then settled throughout the great lakes and the northeast. high pressure will build in and the rain chances diminished. we will have to hold onto a slight risk of a shower but wednesday and thursday, how -- high-pressure more in control and sunshine to the middle and
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end of the week. a chance for a passing thunderstorms tonight. up till 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. sunset at the 8:00 fifth -- 7:54 m. a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. a 20% chance of an isolated shower or storm. 6:25 a.m. sunrise. light and variable winds for most of the day tomorrow. wynns out of the south on the bay at only five knots. very light breezes. a 1 ft. chop on the open waters and water temperatures in the lower 80's. cool temperatures in the mountains. showers move through, maybe a lingering chance for a storm but isolated. a nice looking wednesday and thursday with sunny skies and highs in the low 70's. eastern shore locations, sunny to partly cloudy. a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow and partly cloudy, cooler than normal on wednesday. in the tropics, a number of systems to watch.
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on the far northern edge, board and is leaving the tropical atlantic headed in the direction of your. it is a post-tropical storm and went through the azores as a hurricane and it is getting out of range and out of concern for us. a consent labiate for portugal. in the eastern atlantic, showers and storms and a number of tropical waves. the leading one 1,000 miles, having a chance to become a tropical storm isaac. closer to home down to the southern part of the gulf of mexico, the hurricane center is watching this area. the potential for developing. we will see which one forms over the next couple of days. the forecast only a minimal chance of a storm tomorrow. 81 degrees. sunny to partly cloudy. lows in the low 60's and the nice weather should carry us into next weekend. >> thank you. hard to believe but it has almost been a year since that
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5.8 to magnitude earthquake rocked baltimore and much of the east coast. >> we will get under way not ons delicious, it is boldly -- delicious, it is boldly -- totally gluten-fre
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chances are, you're not made of money,
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so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. taiex this will be the scene for the next seven months downtown. repairs on the basilica which will close the cathedral on weekdays. weddings and services will be continued regular tours will be eliminated. while repairs are going to be costly we are told most of those costs will be covered by insurance. >> more than 2000 school administrators and teachers kicked off a 2012-201 2013 schol year. the message was about having energy and direction for the new school.
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>> our theme for this year is in the image and likeness of god. we want our schools to continue their work welcoming divorce learners, all different kind of students to work their way through the challenges that a diverse community and the challenges of becoming 21st century learners. >> the new year begins next monday. women will be allowed to join the club. >> we will tell you who the first ladies are and what it will cost the club. because the sponsors. >> the local company makes of that magazine one of
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton, your insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer and skyteam 11 covering breaking news where you live. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> a local so the company is doing good things and getting national praise for it. it was just named second of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. >> we learn what makes the
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company shine. >> the sky is the limit for the thriving solar company whose mission is to spread solar power across the country. >> you will start saying solar panels in your neighborhood and popping up all over the place. before a kind of looked unusual. now it will look more regular. >> a howard county based company was ranked second on the 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in the nation for 2012. the business is based on a three-year grant -- revenue growth rate. >> i sent out, the information and i thought whatever comes back will come back. when i opened the folder that said we were no. 2, i was in the office with two of my staff and we were all very excited. >> the sole provider which wrecked inowners'
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$26.9 million in revenue last year. >> homeowners are starting to understand how attractive going solar is. they can save money from day one with leasing, we offer leasing as well. and putting $0 down and paying a monthly bill that is less than what they would pay for the facility. >> they're proud the company is making jobs for the local economy. >> we're hiring across and we're looking to expand as well. not only for local jobs in maryland where the headquarters is but we are expanding to other regions and as the company expands, md. benefits because this is the headquarters. >> it is a good company, 20 other maryland companies made this year's list. you can find a complete list in the magazine's september issue. wbal tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour.
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employees willl find out more about their employment. 1000 steelworkers are attending a meeting trying to figure out what is next. they say they are fearing their jobs are gone and benefits will evaporate august 31. union leaders say they have negotiated to keep benefits available until the end of the month and they are telling workers to get the health, dental, and i care they need now for three months of prescriptions. the union plans to work with a liquidation company that purchased the plant. police in baltimore county traced a trail of blood four blocks after the investigated a brutal murder scene. they have been on the scene for nearly 12 hours. the victim is a man in his early 20's. he appears to have been stabbed. detectives followed the trail of blood to a home along eastdale
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road. making three arrests. police are not releasing details. officers involved in a deadly shooting has neighbors crying foul. there were responding to a reported burglary on saturday afternoon along the 1600 block. there were confronted by a man with a knife. that man allegedly cut the officer in the face and it is reported he suffers from schizophrenia and not pose a real threat. a suspect -- a pursuit ended in the person's death. the officers were pursuing a vehicle that matched the description of a car involved in the theft. the driver lost control of the cruiser and it ran into a ditch.
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the crash remains under investigation. >> the augusta national golf club has female members. they invited condoleezza rice and darla moore to be the first women green jackets. this ends the controversy sparked from national women's investigations. for eight decades there were only opening two male members. until today. >> they like what they had ended not want anybody to change it. they wanted to keep it the way it was. the move don. >> the club revealed condoleezza rice and finance year darla moore had accepted invitations. >> their admirable people. they have done wonderful things and they will be an asset.
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there was no fanfare, the announcement coming in a written statement. this accomplished women's share our passion for the game of golf and both are well known and respected. it will be a problem and when we approved -- present their green jackets when the club opens this fall. observers say the jackets should fit both women just fine. >> the profile of an agusta member, passion for the game of golf, successful in business. >> sheet balance the invitation saying i have visited on several occasions and look forward to playing golf and renewing friendships and forming new ones through the special opportunity. the club and golf course perhaps finally mastering what some have said was its only major flaw. >> he made headlines by getting
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casey anthony acquitted of killing her daughter but the attorney has a new job. what
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>> some highly controversial parking changes and residents are not happy. we told you about the new parking light out adding a reverse angle requirement from the 900 to 1200 block of kenwood avenue. the changes are to alleviate the lack of parking but a number of people who live there say they're concerned the changes will endanger schoolchildren who walk and parishioners to attend a church. the city councilman says he plans to add more reverse angle parking throughout southeast baltimore. downtown commuters read joyce. light street opened to traffic after being shut down for weeks following last week -- last month's water main break. it disrupted travel for weeks. they decided to add some new
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fire hydrants as part of the repairs. >> the governor has been selected as the speaker at the democratic national convention. the committee made its announcement earlier. another -- accomplishment to add to his leadership role in the democratic party. he will join tim kaine and former president bill clinton as speakers and antonio mayor chilean castro -- mayor castro. the governor spoke there in 2004. >> some sadness from hollywood prod. directory tony scott died. he directed denzel washington in " unstoppable".
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his car was found parked on the bridge he jumped off of. jose baez has a job representing victims of the colorado movie theater massacre. rebecca wingo has retained him. several families have been talking with the attorney about a possible civil suit against the theater where the shootings happened. james holmes allegedly opened fire at the theater killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. michelle obama host a white house state dinner for kids. she invited the 54 winners, ages 8 through 12 to the contrast -- contest to join her for a special luncheon.
5:41 pm
part of the let's move initiative to help young people make healthy choices for eating and exercise. were served in white house fine china. barack obama drop by to applaud the winners and thank them for spreading the word about healthy eating. >> what all of libya. there are some ways it can save some money. >> we're getting some good your next trip to the store. more details in consumer alert. >> the ravens at the center. joe flacco has a clear idea of where they need to improve. >> some rain headed this way.
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a few thunderstorms in that line of showers as well. will check the seven-day forecast. some clouds on the horizon. 81 at the inner harbor. 81 at the inner harbor. 77
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>> lake of steel workers are fuming about their loss of health care benefits. we will talk to the local union chief about what is at stake. some terrapins are trying to boost a chicken food chain off the campus. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet cleaning better doesn't have to take longer. i'm done.
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i'm gonna...use these. ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] unlike mops, swiffer can maneuver into tight spaces and its wet mopping cloths can clean better in half the time. mom? ♪ ahhhh! ahhhh! no it's mommy! [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. ♪
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x after the disappointing friday game, the ravens are back on the practice field, hopefully addressing some of those problems in training camp. gerry sandusky is alive. they have three weeks to split over the flaws. how is it going. >> is going as you would expect. some good and some bad. that is what training camp is about. the t-shirt says it all, embrace the grind. it has become the right at this point. they have the biggest preseason game of the four to focus on this coming thursday when they host the jacksonville jaguars. the third preseason game is the one you see the veterans play the most. many will make the turn at
5:46 pm
halftime and play some in the third quarter. kerry williams turning down a $50 million offer. he will play at the final year of his contract and test his value as a free agent at the end of the season. he says he has the confidence he will have a great season. the coach would like to hear that kind of confidence. joe flacco started to size of the way they have played and says there doing a good job of picking up the no-huddle and the spread formation but he would like to see them do a better job. getting touchdowns instead of field goals. they had to settle for four field goals and no touchdowns and that is not what they will look for in the third preseason game. the key there is twofold. this is not -- the defense does not have terrell suggs. everyone -- the offense will have to put off more points to
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get to the post-season the fifth year in a row. >> in line of showers through hagerstown, approaching baltimore from the west. -- many areas will pick up some rain. just to the southwest of baltimore and down toward montgomery county. and more significant showers are west of that. most of carroll county dealing with some wet weather and the tracks down toward damascus. it is moving east that 40 miles an however. -- an hour. do not be surprised if you hear some thunder. nothing severe right now. total precipitation amounts
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associated with that line coming in at of the mountains and so far trace amounts in carroll county down through western howard and montgomery county. that will move east. they are fairly light. a couple tenths of an inch. over 2 inches for the month of august. we're almost half inch below normal. more than 8 inches below normal for the year. 8.3 inches. we could use some rain in the area. clouds and showers kept the temperature down. the normal high is at 85. we barely got to the 80-degree mark and many areas stayed in the 70's. alabama scorching hot add 105. the latest in the year it has ever been that hot. the clouds and showers moving off with the weekend shower activity. this line is associated with low pressure in the upper atmosphere
5:49 pm
and the cloudiness keeps the temperature down. a cool 62 around scranton. this weather pattern will diminish as high pressure comes in and out of the western great lakes. one more day of the transition from unsettled weather to more stable conditions underneath this high. the risk of a show are popping up will be there. 58 suburbs. 68 downtown. showers and thunderstorms chances should end by 11:00 p.m. and partly cloudy. the sun sets at 7:54 p.m. clouds and a mixture of temperatures. cooler than normal. light wind out of the south and waves around 1 foot. the temperature is at 82. highs in the low 70's. a fall-like feel and we will run that 20% chance of a storm before it dries out wednesday and thursday. eastern shore locations warmer but below the normal for this time of year. has around 81.s
5:50 pm
temperatures are still below normal for most of the next seven days. 81 tomorrow and 83 on wednesday. we're staying in the low to mid-80 range. generally partly cloudy skies and some morning fog. >> we began with what stock market analysts are calling blue monday. the market kicks off its monday with a stock slump. mondays are the only day the stock market is more than likely to fall the rise. here's a look at the closing numbers. and the nasdaq is down one. and the s&p finished the day a fraction at 3076. the dow has been down 10 of the past 11 monday's attitude- --
5:51 pm
and the two days that were the worst were on monday. another theory is people are grumpy year and more anxious as the week starts out. general motors is recalling 250,000 suv's due to a fire risk. according to documents posted on the ntsb website, the vehicles could have a short circuit in the power windows and locks and controls that can result in a fire. the recall covers 2006 and 2007 models. a chevy trailblazer and the envoy and the saab 97x, salty water from road salt can cause corrosion and lead to the circuit.
5:52 pm
the company says the recall is limited to as single lot of its single head romaine lettuce but there are 2000 cases that could be affected. they're packed in plastic bag with the pc # -- it may have a best buy date by august 19. there is a new type of heed to that consumers have to deal with. the impact of the drought is having a big effect on your grocery store bill. some suggestions for those rising prices as a result of the severe drought and it has to do with not what to buy but when you buy it. for example, purchased in the morning on weekdays when you are likely to see manager specials. that often must be sold by noon. phrase we do not use. you can buy eggs whenever they're on sale.
5:53 pm
they do last three to five weeks after their experience the -- after the expiration date. bread is usually better later tonight. diners can take advantage of lunch and dinner deals through the end of the week as restaurant we will be extended. nearly half of the county residents are -- restaurants have extended their specials. we're talking about 14 different locations. restaurant week offers fixed- price lunch and dinner is from $10.12 to $35.12 for three course meals. we have a list of those places extending their offers on our website, >> one of the area's largest employers is launching its next 100 years of business. lockheed martin is celebrating bying 100 years strong afte
5:54 pm
showing off their aircraft built in 1911. glenn l. martin founded the company and the lockheed brother founded his company. it has been a heated two-hour set the steelworkers union. learning that not only are there jobs gone, but their benefits are done by the end of the month. what union officials are telling those laid off at a meeting now. only're in the kitchen, entirely gluten-free restaurant.
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>> it seems we see the words gluten-free a lot more these days. >> you might not know baltimore is home to the state's golly entirely clinton-for a full- service restaurant. kim dacey takes a look. >> the chefs are busy cooking up some good leads. everything on the menu is clinton-free. >> we wanted to be a niche and a safe haven for people who would come here if they had glidden
5:58 pm
and tolerance. >> the executive chef -- they started a clinton-free bakery in -- gluten free bakery n in charles village. >> a lot of people have gluten issues. every day you have 10 new customers may be. who come in and said just got diagnosed. >> you do not have to be gluten intolerant. it has come a long way. >> five years ago if you went to get gluten free, some of them would have tasted like the soul of your shoe. that exchange. -- has changed. in baked goods to burger buns,
5:59 pm
it cannot tell the difference. >> they hear almost weekly from patrons excited to find a restaurant where everything is gluten free. this maybe the only one in the state or maybe the northeast that is gluten-free. >> they come from washington, d.c., southern virginia, going into philadelphia. we get a broad-based audience. people drive out of their way to eat here. >> is a trend they're hoping to continue in other restaurants. >> they brought some back. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. >> and soon so will their benefits, they will be gone as well. steel workers come to the union for answers. >>


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